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Custom Club Fitting

Personal Golf Equipment Evaluations and One Hour, Custom Club Fitting Analysis

 Schedule either of these options through the Golf Pro Shop. All Plantation professionals are available and trained to provide this special service and recommend any new equipment you are considering.

Please call 941-493-2000 or see our Golf Staff for your evaluation or fitting.

A gift certificate for either is available as a great holiday gift for that other special golfer in your life!  img img


What is "Lie Angle" and how does it affect ball flight?


  1. The lie angle of the golf club can have a significant impact on ball flight direction.
  2. Club length can have a significant effect on the lie of a golf club.

Clubs that are too short cause lie angles that are too flat (heel in the air), the toe of the club will impact the ground first and have a tendency to push the ball to the right.

Clubs that are to long cause lie angles that are too upright (toe in the air), the ball flight will tend to be to the left especially with the more lofted irons. 

Although it is possible to hit the ball straight with improper lie clubs, it just means that the golfer has compensated for this by adjusting his swing, aim and/or posture to the clubs lie and as a result their consistency suffers.


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